Beach Volleyball Leagues

Ontario’s Most Exciting Beach Volleyball League!

 Where Games Are Played and Friends Are Made!

 Are you getting bored walking on the treadmill? Are you tired of disorganized sports leagues run by people who don’t care about the game? Are you new to the area and want to find an easy and fun way to meet people?

Join the fun and excitement of Ontario’s premier beach volleyball league. Niagara Sport & Social Club organizes beach volleyball tournaments and leagues throughout the entire region, offering a fun, exciting, and healthy way to meet friends and have a great time!

We are committed to organizing events that are enjoyable for all skill levels, and registration is simple and easy. If you are a seasoned veteran, rookie, or just new in town and looking for a way to make friends, then this is the place to be.

So grab your sunscreen, put your bathing suit on, and come join the game that is taking the world by storm. And remember, we are a social club, so get ready to have fun.

We welcome newcomers with open arms and have everything from the equipment you need to get started to clinics to get you playing your best. So whether you are recreational or competing at a high level, we are sure to have a tournament or league that is right for you. Each of our events is divided into skill levels to ensure you never get in over your head when having fun!

Keeping Niagara Healthy Through Volleyball

 Staying healthy and being fit isn’t a chore—it’s a lifestyle.

At Niagara Sport & Social Club, we believe that the key to feeling and looking great is staying active and having fun. We are dedicated to providing an inviting and exciting environment for locals to socialize and get a great workout on the beach. It’s all about providing activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. We keep Niagara looking great one activity at a time!

The best part about this workout? You’ll never feel like you’re working out! Breaking a sweat against the backdrop of Lake Ontario is an unrivaled experience!

Niagara Sport & Social Club Does it Better

We’re sure you can find beach volleyball in a lot of places, but none will rival the environment we’ve built here. Here, you will experience the benefits of:

  • Games for all skill levels
  • Fully-equipped courts
  • Fun and social refs, organizers, and players
  • Season-end tournaments for the all the marbles
  • Exciting post-game activities (we are a social club, after all!)

Registration is open and the games are ready to get going, so get your friends and make a team or join an existing team with an open spot. Beach volleyball is an experience unlike any other. The sand, the camaraderie, the competition—it all combines into one amazing workout.

So if you’re a veteran of the game, a rookie wanting to lose those excess pounds, or someone new to the area that wants a fun and easy way to get in great shape and make good friends, Niagara Sport & Social Club is Ontario’s premier volleyball event organizer.

Get registered today!